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Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Hello, my fellow blondes and not only! Today I want to share my positive experience with the hair repair treatment kit. This kit has helped me restore the beauty and strength of my hair, reduce breakage and split ends, and make them noticeably stronger. I have found my salvation!

The foundation of this kit is scientifically proven products that can repair your hair in the comfort of your own home. It includes powerful bond-building treatments, as well as the best-selling nourishing and hydrating shampoo and conditioner to maintain the health of your hair.

The kit includes:

  • Nº.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment

  • Nº.3 Hair Perfector

  • Nº.4 Bond Maintenance® Shampoo

  • Nº.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Each of these products has its own specific application instructions. Nº.0 and Nº.3 are recommended to be used weekly or 2-3 times a week for very damaged hair as the first and second steps. Nº.4 and Nº.5 can be used daily or whenever you cleanse your hair.

When using Nº.0, I evenly distribute the product from root to tip. Then, I apply Nº.3 from scalp to ends. Nº.4 shampoo should be concentrated on the scalp and worked through to the ends. Finally, I apply Nº.5 conditioner from root to tip, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends.

What impressed me about this kit is its versatility. It is suitable for all hair types and textures, including blondes. I truly felt a difference after using these products. They have repaired and strengthened my hair, leaving it visibly healthier and more beautiful. I highly recommend the hair repair treatment kit for anyone looking to revive their damaged hair and maintain its overall health.


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