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Old Money Elegance: A Modern Take

Updated: Jun 10

The epitome of timeless style, the old-money aesthetic exudes an effortless sophistication that never goes out of fashion. It's a look that's both polished and understated, with a focus on quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

The Dress

The key to nailing the old-money aesthetic is to start with a foundation of classic pieces. A well-tailored dress is always a good choice, and the THE FISHTAIL BANDEAU MAXI DRESS from COS is a perfect example. This elegant gown is made from a luxurious silk blend and features a flattering fishtail silhouette. The bandeau neckline adds a touch of modern glamour, while the overall design is timeless and chic.

The Accessories

Accessories can elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, and when it comes to old-money style, less is more. A pair of statement earrings or a bold necklace can add a touch of personality, but for a more understated look, opt for simple and elegant pieces like the BLACK PATENT LEATHER MULES WITH CRYSTAL STRAP from Jimmy Choo. These mules are crafted from high-quality leather and feature a delicate crystal strap that adds a touch of sparkle.

The Finishing Touches

No old-money ensemble is complete without a few finishing touches. A silk scarf, like the one from Jimmy Choo, can be tied around the head or neck for a touch of elegance. And a pair of classic sunglasses, like the BARTON PERREIRA BINTI ZYL SQUARE SUNGLASSES, will add a touch of mystery and sophistication.

With these simple tips, you can easily create an old-money outfit that is both stylish and timeless. So next time you're looking for a look that exudes elegance and sophistication, remember the old-money aesthetic. It's a look that will never go out of style.

Additional Tips:

  • Pay attention to quality. When it comes to old-money style, it's important to invest in quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Look for clothes made from natural fabrics like silk, wool, and cashmere.

  • Choose classic silhouettes. Old-money style is all about timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. Stick to classic silhouettes like tailored dresses, trench coats, and loafers.

  • Keep it simple. Avoid too many trendy or flashy pieces. Old-money style is about understated elegance.

  • Add a personal touch. Don't be afraid to add a few personal touches to your old-money outfit. A signature piece of jewelry or a unique scarf can help you express your own style.


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